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8mm Cine Film - The Pier Southend-on-Sea

1960s The Pier, Southend-on-Sea.

The Pier Southend-on-Sea

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Sea of Change -  The Pier Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1947 Pier Entrance, Rear View.02:1948 'Watch the Birdie' Photo on the Pier.03:1948 'Through the arched window' on the Pier.04:1948 Lifeboat House, Pier Head.05:1950 Pier Illuminations.06:1950 Pier Illuminations.07:1950 Pier Illuminations.08:1950 Pier Illuminations.09:1952 Danish Boats Moored at the end of the Pier.10:1953 Boat moored by the Pier.11:1953 Pier Entrance under construction.12:1953 Pier Entrance under construction.13:1956 Pier Entrance.14:1956 Pier Pleasure Cruise.15:1961 Pier Head.16:1961 Pier Head.17:Pier Train.18:1968 Pier & Bowling Alley.19:1971 Pier Entrance from Pier Hill.20:1971 Pier Entrance from Western Esplanade.21:1971 Pier Entrance from Marine Parade.22:1971 Pier Entrance from Marine Parade.23:1973 Bowling Alley.24:1976 Pier Foreshore Offices.25:1976 Pier Head after the fire.26:1976 Pier Head after the fire.27:1976 Pier Head after the fire.28:1976 Pier Head after the fire..29:1976 Pier Head after the fire.30:1977 Pier Head.

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Southend on Sea Pier is one of unusual length. The original wooden structure was erected under the powers of Acts of Parliament passed in 1830 and 1835, at a cost of about £42,000 and was subsequently sold to the Great Eastern Railway company for £17,000, and afterwards secured by the Southend Local Board who had it rebuilt by Arrol Brothers of Glasgow under Sir James Brunlees, engineer, at an estimated cost of £70,000. Its extreme length is one mile and a quarter and seventeen yards. The Pier is one of the favourite promenades of the place, and is usually well attended by pedestrians and anglers, who to the side rails attach baited lines, and catch – or try to catch – many kinds of fish. A lesson in patience may be well learnt from these anglers, who pass many an hour without a bite.

The Pier has a wide Platform, and visitors are charged one penny each for promenading upon it. A tramway also runs down one side.

The Pavilion is capable of seating 1,200 people; it has an excellent stage, and during the season performances are given daily – afternoon and evening. The electric light is used to illuminate the Pier and Pavilion. About a quarter of a mile apart shelters have been erected for resting purposes, should rain or fatigue overtake while strolling down. At the extreme end are Lloyd’s offices and a flagstaff which is used for signalling purposes; There is also a landing stage for the steamers which arrive daily from London, Sheerness, Chatham and Rochester, during the summer months.

The new Pier Extension was constructed in the years 1896-97 by the corporation at a cost of £20,000, for the purpose of giving greater facilities and safety to the Steamboat passengers (numbering – landing and embarking – last season, 211,000) and also to give sufficient water to the larger class of steamers now plying.

Sir John Betjeman once said that "the Pier is Southend, Southend is the Pier". The Pier is a Grade II listed building.

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