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Many many thanks for this website. Your images are utterly superb. As an early 1970s child, much of what you show is tantalisingly interesting to me, as I’ve seen the B&W pics of the municipal college, Victoria hotel, Dixons etc, but seeing it all in such vivid and lifelike photos is superb. I always imagined Vic Circus being built in one ‘hit’, so it was interesting to see the public walking around what was clearly a half-finished development.

Best Wishes

John Whitworth.

Wonderful photos, brought back some lovely memories!  I was in Leigh on Sea from 1944ish to 1962, when I moved with my parents to Coventry.  I have only visited Southend in 1967 and 1969, except for a brief visit to sing in the Cliffs Pavilion about 8 years ago with my choir people on the coach asked me how to get there, and I could only say "It wasn't even built in my day so I haven't a clue!".
Rosemary Lovell.

I have just stumbled on your webpage, thank you for displaying all these photos, it has brought back fond memories of my youth.

Alan Robbo.

These are incredible photos. I am now 45 years old, and therefore (just!) remember the Hammerson development at Victoria Circus as it was nearing completion.

Richard Poole.

Being born in Southend in 1946, I remember all of the places in your excellent photo album. Some wonderful memories! One area of magic to us kids was The Talza Arcade. Anyone from that era in Southend will remember it well.

Dave Deadman.

Well Done. I may not have been around then (I'm 17) but it's good for websites like yours that archive pictures of the past; they help to preserve the memories that many residents and visitors have of Southend. I really wish I had been around to see some of it...

John Garner.

Just discovered your great website. It brought back many memories for me as a lad growing up in Southend. I am the Mayors Macebearer in Southend. Well done again on a most interesting website.

My best regards,

Keith Holderness.

Great set of pictures of a time of big changes in Southend that I remember well. Are there any plans to produce a book in the future?
Many thanks
Martin Humby.

Your photographs of Southend are truly wonderful - particularly the ones of Victoria Circus area in the nineteen sixties. I was at the art school in that period and you have captured the atmosphere of the times so well. We all bemoan the loss of some of the landmark buildings that were swept away without any thought as to their worth.

Kind regards Barry Wenden - ex Southend School of Art 1961-67 (yes that long!).

Great photos but just a big pity we only have the wonderful town that was once Southend in picture form, we could've salvaged every good building instead of replacing it all with a featureless concrete jungle! It had wonderful Victorian grandeur and such character, now it's all gone, even the memories. The last straw was pulling down our beloved Focus Youth Centre. I grew up in Southend from 1960 and still live in the vicinity... thanks a lot Southend Council for ruining it all!

Valerie S

Thanks for a really good photo gallery of Southend. It is always nice to see preserved information and images of Southend, and the memories they invoke. As your site shows a shot of the (then) New Warrior Square swimming pool, I wondered if you wanted to add the attached pictures of its demolition. I took them from the Warrior Square car park, not long after  demolition had started, and are dated 24/6/2011.


Martin Clemesha.

Pictures of Warrior Square Swimming Pool 2011






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