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Southend-on-Sea in Essex has seen many great changes since its early beginnings with a few fishermen's huts at

the south end of Prittlewell. South End expanded in the 18th century with the building of a new town along the cliffs.

With the arrival of the railway, almost a century later, the town was subject to further expansion. Day-trippers from

inner city areas such as London flocked to the seaside and Southend became a popular holiday town. In the late

1960s one of the biggest changes occurred in Southend's recent history, the Hammerson Development (Victoria

Shopping Centre later The Plaza) was constructed, the modernisation programme from then can still be seen today.

To date Southend has been a subject of many books documenting its history our photos/pictures have appeared in

Carol Edwards and Ken Crowe’s publications as well as the local press.  Sea of Change depicts part of the

modernisation that has taken place in Southend's long history.

This pictorial view of Southend-on-Sea was in part compiled from old photographs available so not all of the town's

history is covered. Sea of Change History in Pictures Old Photos of Southend-on-Sea content is from a private

collection of old amateur and early commercial photographs taken around the town of Southend-on-Sea. Sea of

Change include images of the popular areas of the town plus more.

Sea of Change Southend-on-Sea

History in Pictures
Thames Estuary View The Pier Southend-on-Sea

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A typical multi-view picture postcard from Southend-on-Sea past.